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Document Type

Retrieve a document type
Retrieve a list of document type resources


A resource that defines the starting template, behavior, and attributes applied to a Document, Page or Draft.

Entry Elements

All elements are in XML namespace "", except as noted.
Each element can appear only once, except as noted. All elements prefixed td are in the XML namespace "".

link rel="self"YIdentifies a resource equivalent to the containing element. as defined in Atom spec.
link rel= "alternate"YIdentifies an alternate version of the resource described by the containing element. as defined in Atom spec.
link rel= "edit"NIdentifies the resource that is editable.
idYunique identifier of a resource, as defined in Atom spec
authorYThe feed author or entry author, the one who creates the resource. If the resource is systemic, the author field could be blank
titleYThe title of feed or entry
publishedNThe last modified date of entry
updatedNThe last modified date of feed or entry
summaryYThe abstract of feed or entry
categoryYIndicates entry type, including page/document/draft/draftpage/folder/documentType.
td:uuidYunique identifier of a resource
td:documenttypeYdocument type for this resource
td:groupNStands for a group. Similar tag is td:person. td:group includes uri, td:dn and name.
td:personNStands for a person. Similar tag is td:group. td:person includes uri, td:dn and name.
td:dnNDistinguished name of a person or a group.
nameNThe display name of a person or a group.
td:propertysheettypeYPropertysheet type for this resource. This can be multi-valued.
td:defaultExtensionYDefault extension for this document type
td:publishInFolderYThe folder where user wants content created with this form to always be placed in.
td:templateYDefault document template used for this document type
td:versioningYVersioning used for this document type
td:approvalEnabledYShows whether approval is enabled for this document type
td:approvalTypeYApprovalType for this document type
td:approversYApprovers for this document type
td:workflowTypeYIt could be no special workflow, simple submit workflow, Editor-In-Chief workflow, Approval cycle workflow and multiple editors workflow.
td:hiddenYCheck if this form is hidden.
td:FolderInPendingNThe folder where user wants content that is pending approval to be placed in.
td:expandGroupApproversYShows whether approvers group is expanded for this document type. The place holder field. It is in reserve for future use.
content NLocation of primary contents. It could be propertysheet fields content.
meta:propertySheetTemplateNIncludes all fields label, style and default value.
meta:labelNThe field label.
meta:styleNThe field type.
meta:defaultValueNThe default value of the field.
td:constrainedMimeTypeNThe place holder field. It is in reserve for future use.
td:isExtractedNThe place holder field. It is in reserve for future use.


<entry xml:base="" xmlns="" xmlns:td="" xmlns:snx="">
	<link href="dm/atom/library/_Pplace33_RMain/documenttypes/_Pplace33_RMain_D94913AFBEAB46DA8052576A1006611BC/entry" rel="self"/>
	<link href="LotusQuickr/place33/Main.nsf/h_Index/94913AFBEAB46DA8052576A1006611BC/?OpenDocument" rel="alternate"/>
	<link href="dm/atom/library/_Pplace33_RMain/documenttypes/_Pplace33_RMain_D94913AFBEAB46DA8052576A1006611BC/entry" rel="edit"/>
		<uri>CN=QuickPlace/O=QuickPlace; uid=wpsadmin/cn=Users/l=Westford/st=Massachusetts/c=US/ou=Lotus/o=Software group/dc=ibm/dc=com</uri>
	<title type="text">Upload</title>
	<summary type="text">Upload</summary>
	<category term="documentType" scheme=",2006:td/type" label="documentType"></category>