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Retrieve a library
Retrieve a list of content in a library
Retrieve list of libraries


Top level container for all resource content. A library may contain a collection of resources of type Folder, Document.

Entry Elements

All elements are in XML namespace "", except as noted. Each element can appear only once, except as noted. All elements prefixed td are in the XML namespace "".

link rel="self"YIdentifies a resource equivalent to the containing element. as defined in Atom spec.
link rel= "alternate"YIdentifies an alternate version of the resource described by the containing element. as defined in Atom spec.
link rel= "edit"NIdentifies the resource that is editable.
link rel= "parent"NPoints to the parent page, parent folder or parent place.
link rel="parent-page"
Only available for comment entries and points to the page where the comments are related.
link rel= "attachmentX"
If a page/document/draft has one or more than one attachment, the attachmentX(X starts from 0) url will represent the attachment itself.
link rel= "edit-media"
"edit-media" link accompanies "attachmentX" link. It points to the attachment itself for edit.
link rel= "current"
The current link points to the document/page/folder feed itself.
link rel= "enclosure"
The link points to document's attachment, or page feed.
unique identifier of a resource, as defined in Atom spec
The feed author or entry author, the one who creates the resource. If the resource is systemic, the author field could be blank
The title of feed or entry
The last modified date of entry
updated NThe last modified date of feed or entry
The abstract of feed or entry
The created date of entry
The modified date of entry
The last editor of the entry
categoryYIndicates entry type, including library/page/document/draft/draftpage/folder/documentType/propertysheettype.
contentNThe link points to document's attachment, folder feed or page feed.
td:lockedNprovides whether or not the resource is locked if includeLocked URL parameter is set to true. This value is Read Only
td:lockOwnerNThe user who holds the lock on the resource
td:uuidYunique identifier of a resource
td:labelN Relative file system mapped label, mostly the same value as title.
td:totalNumberNTotal number of Entries in a Feed.
generatorYidentifies the agent used to generate a feed, for debugging and other purposes. as defined in Atom spec.
serverdateYDate of server.
td:documenttypeNdocument type for this resource.
sourceNallow the aggregation of entries from different feeds while retaining information about an entry's source feed. as defined in Atom spec.
td:psmdNtime stamp.
td:responseCountNThe number of document/page's comment
td:depthNIf the entry is returned from a view feed, this value shows how much the document is indented in this view (used for showing responses accordingly)
nameYThe display name of a person or a group.
td:typeNSpecify folder type when creating folder. The type could be simple list, tabbed, slide show.

Example Entry

<entry xml:base="" xmlns="" xmlns:td="">
  <link href="" rel="self"></link>
  <link href="" rel="alternate"></link>
  <link href="" rel="edit"></link>
  <category term="library" scheme=",2006:td/type" label="library"></category>
  <title type="text">place2</title>
  <summary type="text"></summary>
  <content type="application/atom+xml" src="feed"></content>