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This is the specification for applications that retrieve Version binary resources.

URL endpoints

Perform a GET operation on one of the following URL formats:
Retrieve a document given its id.
/library/{library-id}/document/{document-id}/version/{version-id}/media/abc.txtRetrieve a document given its id.

A server may choose to optionally append the file label with proper URL encoding at the end of the media URL. The label is not necessary in order to retrieve the file. Files are identified by unique identifier exclusively in order to preserve addressability after a rename.


This method does not require authentication to retrieve public resources. If authentication is provided, the user must have 'View' authority on the specified resource.

Error Codes

The following error codes could appear in a response body for an invalid request:
Error Code
Returned when the cause of an error is unknown
Returned when the cause of an error is due to a permission restriction
Returned when the cause of an error is related to a resource not being found
Returned when the operation is not supported

Example Request for Lotus Quickr 8.5 for Domino

GET /dm/atom/library/_Ptest002_RMain.nsf/document/_Ptest002_RMain.nsf_D46DD905A03108B0F48257853002BDB79/version/2/media/Blue+Hills.jpg HTTP/1.1

Example Response for Lotus Quickr 8.5 for Domino

Binary file contents