Kevin Palmer commented on Sep 13, 2009

This works - ALMOST

These instructions worked quite well, but I found 2 things I'd like some help with.

1] Once I finished it all - I was able to create Wiki pages in my Standard place, so that was great! HOWEVER, after I created and published the page - I was not able to do ANY further edits on that page. Obviously that is a little bit of a problem...

I WAS able to check the page out - But when I go to check the page back in - the "Check In" button does no action. I can save it as a draft - but I still can not get that draft to check in.

2] 2nd problem - This MAY be related to my 1st problem [as in, be the cause of it] When I followed the instructions - it all was as the instructions said BUT for 1 thing. In the "Empty" Wiki I created - there was only a "copyWiki" and "deleteWiki" placebot - there was NO "publishWiki" placebot - and the instructions clearly indicated it should be there. If somebody could post up the PublishWiki.lss script file - I could create the placebot - but otherwise I have no idea what code to put in that script...

Some suggestions I have for improving the instructions

- after step 20 the original "Wiki Page" & "Wiki Fast Start" pages should be deleted.

- in step 30 it instructs you to save the placebot with the schedule set to "disable placebot" doing this does not work [it gives an error message, and then does not allow you to save.] - you have to save it with some form of schedule first - and then go back in and set it to disabled.