Dwight Hyde commented on Nov 5, 2010

Integrating the Standard Team place template with blog functionality

Everything went great except I couldn't figure out how to include the 3 linked images files with the html on the Forms such as Blog Entry. In step 7 it downloaded the hmtl file plus a Blog Entry Form_Files folder with the images. When I went to replace the file it looks like it only imported my html file?

Also, whenever I create a blog entry it takes me to the index. How can I get it to go to the blog "folder"??

I appreciate this tech note, because I sure can't see why they didn't setup the discussion view to "behave" like the blog view. In order to read each response in a discussion you have to open each one.

Thanks again for any information you can provide : )

Christina Nilsson commented on Aug 13, 2009

Two problems

1)Quickr8.2- If you do your own css-files, the integrated blog will not inherit the styles in IE. Mozilla works fine.

This works for both browsers in 8.1

2)Both 8.1/8.2

js-error when open then blog after all the agents/placebots has run.

This is both IE and Mozilla.

---- nls/Quickr81Strings.js

"missing ) after argument list"

Hartland West commented on May 6, 2009


I was hopeing that was the case.

Worked fine until I hit the Place Bots.

Publish QBlog Preferences



give errors when I try to create thyem (saw no Import option). They also give errors on a working blog site if you open them and click "Done"

What could that be?

I'm running on an OS400 system

abhi jain commented on May 6, 2009

RE : I was good until step 20


Yes there is a mistake here, instead of "values mentioned below" it should be "values mentioned above in previous step 19".

All you have to do is change the values in this line -

doc.UniversalID = "241BA5539D751FA9852572CF0056E94E"

and then run the agent on the applicable docs.

Hartland West commented on May 5, 2009

I was good until step 20

Lost me at step 20. I was good up until then, and even good after that.

Unclear on how to run the agent (I'm new to this world) and which exactly what to set the UNIDs at for each form.

Would gladly set them manually, if I was sure what to set them at since step 20 says "values mentioned below" and I don't see the values other than those in the code.

Surely all of them are not to be set at the same values, but again, I'm new to this world.