Kristopher T Stoddard commented on Jan 13, 2011

Re: Transferring individual domains manually: qp85

Thank you for the update. The article has been updated to reflect the correct syntax.

Milt Alvarez commented on Dec 13, 2010

Transferring individual domains manually: qp85

There is an syntax error with the commands validate the database connections domains. The following command is not correct

validate-database-connection-wps -DDbDomainList=

If you run this command you will get a build failed with


Target `validate-database-connection-wps' does not exist in this project.

The correct syntax is the following:


For a single domainConfigEngine.bat validate-database-connection -DTransferDomainList=domain -DWasPassword=password

For Multiple Domains:

ConfigEngine.bat validate-database-connection -DTransferDomainList=domain1,domain2,domain3 -DWasPassword=password


For a Single Domain:

./ validate-database-connection -DTransferDomainList=domain -DWasPassword=password

For Multiple Domains

./ validate-database-connection -DTransferDomainList=domain1,domain2,domain3 -DWasPassword=password

If you use DDBDomainList as opposed to DTransferDomainList the command will try to connect to all databases regardless of the domains you list.