louis mau commented on Jul 14, 2009

script corrected

The invalid line "var currentHtml = ''; // replace the" was injected during the editing process.

The correct line should be "currentHtml = currentHtml + '</table>';".

The sample code has been updated.

Ronald C Leung commented on Jul 14, 2009

Fix for above scripts

The line "var currentHtml = ''; // replace the" should be removed. And also, after a page is saved and reloaded, the javascript adapter widget doesn't remember the formatting correctly. The "//" is causing incorrect lines to be commented out. Remove all comments before saving, and the above script would work.

louis mau commented on Jun 16, 2009

Cannot have comma inside each cell

Additional logic needed if data within some of the cells contain comma.

louis mau commented on Jun 11, 2009

Will need more info on problem you encountered

Can you provide more details on the problem you encountered? Without any details, I can only suggest either using a debugger (e.g. FireBug) or more simply an alert.

Donald Hamilton commented on Jun 10, 2009

Display Data in a Form like Table

I've not had any success with this.

Do you have any debugging tips or other examples I can try?