Archana Babuta commented on May 3, 2010

How to select value from ordered set of sources

I am using coalesce function it in one of my mashups** where I am getting the details either from my contacts (defined under a variable that says rowContact)** or from the

external source (defined under a variable that says rowExternal). While I am displaying the results in the data viewer ** it displays the data from one of the sources** where it finds data**

which is fine but it also displays one of the columns** saying rowContact (or rowExternal) as the first column ** which is blank.

How can I get rid of displaying this column or at least moving it towards the last** so that its not visible ?

If I try to uncheck this column in the "Edit Settings" of the Data viewer** that is just temporary** and anytime any incoming call is there** it redisplays.