Alice G Klein commented on Oct 12, 2009


Update to previous comment. The data URL given above is not correct. Use: http://yourhost:9080/widgets/chart/charts/testdata/sampledata2.xml

Alice G Klein commented on Oct 9, 2009


I had a difficult time getting this widget to work with my 1.1 system. Use the widget from Greenhouse labeled "Charting WAR Official Version 1.1" if you want it on your local 1.1 Mashup system. Note: you must delete the chart.ear from WebSphere Application Server (if it exists), otherwise you cannot add this widget to Lotus Mashups. use the following URL for the sample data (you may have to modify port number 9080):


The URL in the doc omitted "widgets" in the path and the one for Lotus Greenhouse did not work.

URL for Greenhouse Note: You must register to get access.