Court Room commented on Sep 5, 2008

Missing screen for Lesson 8 step E.

The above reference:

E. In edit mode, open the drawer that you selected in the previous step, and drag the Hello World widget onto the page, as shown here:

I don't see any screen shot.

 commented on Jul 21, 2008


Hi Martin, I checked with the developer concerning your question, and he responded with this:

"Yes, it's definitely possible. There is no limitation on the number of widgets you can bundle into your war. If Martin is getting a 404 error, check to make sure that the URL to the widget definition is correct."

Also, I just updated Lesson 2 to show that the mashups.xml file should be located in WebContent, not in WebContent/WEB-INF. Not sure if that was causing your error or not.

Let me know how it goes!


Martin Smithson commented on Jul 21, 2008

Granularity of the widget bundle...

Hi Anna,

Is there any way to bundle multiple iWidgets into a single WAR? I am currently trying to define multiple entries in the catalog.xml, each pointing at unique iWidget definition files, but only the first widget entry listed appears to work. Attempting to drag one of the later widgets onto a page results in an HTTP 404 error when the broser attempts to retrieve the definition file for that widget.