Oliver Rau commented on Mar 2, 2009

Embedded widget

Hi Stefano,

I see you are using Greenhouse. For Greenhouse there is a limitation, that the proxy which is used by the Feedreader in the background is not accessible for anonymous users. This is necessary in order to make sure that Greenhouse is not used for attacking remote sites.

That's why only registered users are able use the proxy service.

On any other out-of-the-box Mashups Installation, the above statement and usecase is true and working.

Stefano Borgonovo commented on Mar 2, 2009

Embedded widget

yes, you ar eright is what I did.

Here is the refreshed mark-up with a atom feed form another application. I added the code to the web page but if I am not authenticated in Lotus mashup application, the web page loads only empty box with just "powered by Lotus Mashup at bottom side (right-side).

<script src="https://greenhouse.lotus.com/mum/contenthandler?uri=widget:js&url=/mum/widget-catalog/feedReader.xml&h=500&w=400&sb=yes&p_title=Communities%20on%20Portals&p_feedURL=http%253A//www.ibm.com/communities/service/atom/communities/all%253Ftag%253Dportal&p_noItems=5&p_openInWidget=&p_openLinks=&p_showDetails=true&p_headColor=%231B3FC1&p_alterRowColor=%23F1FFCF&p_refreshInterval=10&p_titleArticle=true&p_titleLink=&p_titleDescription=&p_titlePubDate="></script>

Oliver Rau commented on Mar 2, 2009

embedded widget

Hi Stefano,

the Note is correct, every widget might be embedded into a Web page without a user being logged in. (Except the widget needs information from a secured service). Here are the steps that worked for me:

- open the palette

- in the "favorite" section left-click the icon next to the Feed Reader Widget (I guess you used this one)

- select "Add to Web Page"

- Configure the widget the way you like

- Click "Refresh Markup" in order to update the script markup with your changes

- Select the script markup in the text-box

- Paste the code from the clipboard into an HTML file

- logout from Mashups

- load the HTML file.

Stefano Borgonovo commented on Feb 20, 2009

embedded widget

Hi, I have added a simple widget (RSS reader) to a web page.

According to the Note posted above:"Lotus Mashups widgets that you embed into your Web page are not secured and can be accessed by any user."

Instead the widget I added to a web page does not load properly. it seems security is enabled by default as it works fine if the users have open a valid lotus mashup authentication session.

How can I remove that security ?

Oliver Rau commented on Dec 2, 2008

What about SSO?

Hi Francisco, yes, it is possible to configure SSO and LDAP. Both, Portal and Mashups are based on the WebSphere Application Server and can be configured to be inside of a SSO domain using LDAP for authentication. In case of embedding the usual SSO behavior is used. See the following two links for LDAP or SSO

{ Link }

{ Link }

Luis Benitez commented on Dec 1, 2008

Do I need to be an admin?

I'm trying to follow these steps, but I don't seem to have the "Add to a Web page" option as specified above. Do I need to be logged on as an administrator to see this option ?

Francisco J Roque commented on Nov 25, 2008

What about SSO?

What about SSO and LDAP for user authentication? Can this be achieved? I am trying to show an embedded Mashups page in Portal and I would like to use LDAP for user authentication and SSO between Portal and Lotus Mashups.