Scott Consolatti commented on Jul 24, 2009

More information needed

Hi Alice. No, not currently. The current click behavior is expected, yes. Navteq controls the base design of the map and did not choose to design it to show the coordinates under the mouse pointer. I agree it is pretty limiting at times to not be able to get the long/lat coordinates of any point, so I will investigate if there is a way the widget could manually add something on top of the map's built-in behavior.

The toolbar buttons are zoom out, zoom in, return to previous map view (back), step forward to next map view (forward), navigate to the map's origin (home), toggle pan mode on/off (off - drag does zoom rectangle, on - drag does move/pan) and print map cutout.

Alice G Klein commented on Jul 22, 2009

More information needed

Is there a way to click on the map and get lat/long information? This is NOT clicking on an icon, just clicking on an area.

The map moves right (left mouse button) and left (right mouse button) when I click is that expected?

Is there a description of the symbols on the top of the map?

Alice G Klein commented on Jul 17, 2009

Second iframe does not display

iframe shows:

An error has occured whilst trying to find the page that you have requested.

It may be that the page does not exist or that you do not have the authorization to view it.