Don Browning commented on Jul 23, 2009

Issues with OpenStreetMap widget

The OpenStreetMap widget has stopped working and in turn causes Mashup Center to stop working. You can not create new pages or edit existing pages. Once you delete the OpenStreetMap widget from all Mashups, it starts working normally again. Is there a new version or a replacement widget available?

Scott Consolatti commented on Jun 10, 2009

Location search terms for OpenStreetMap

Hi Don,

The location search terms for OpenStreetMap are limited to that provided by the following open web services, which are not quite as flexible as Google Maps. The OSM widget looks up from GeoNames Postal Code Search ({ Link } using postalcode parameter) first, then GeoNames Search ({ Link } using q parameter) second, then OpenStreetMap Name Finder ({ Link } ) last. None of these allow for place name and postal code combining. The closest I see is Name Finder does allow for place name and city combining, so if you have the city data, you could do Yankee Stadium, Bronx, for example, or otherwise you will have to stick with just place name, such as Yankee Stadium.

Don Browning commented on Jun 8, 2009

Got it working, but switched to new URL Customizer

I found the new 1.1 URL Customizer a lot easier to work with than the Regular Express tool. Also has anyone had issues with incorrect stadiums coming up with the open street map? I actually took the time on my personal installation to create a new Schedule feed with a field that had stadium name and zipcode, separated by a comma. This did not work at all in the OpenSteetMap widget. I was copying the format that I use online with Google Maps. Just curious about exactly what can be passed to the OpenSteetMap tool.

Don Browning commented on Jun 1, 2009

All steps do not print

This goes back to David's post. While all 28 steps show up in the wiki, they do not print. Only steps 1 - 3 come out. A ppsted pdf would be really helpful.

Anna G O'Neal commented on Jun 1, 2009

Baseball Mashup Demonstration

Hi David,

Jason said that all the steps are there. Can you tell me what you think is truncated so we can better troubleshoot the problem? You should be seeing 28 steps. By the way, I will send you a PDF of the current document later this afternoon via e-mail.

Anna G O'Neal commented on May 29, 2009

Baseball Mashup Demonstration

Hi David, I alerted Jason to your comment. He should be getting back to you very soon. Thanks!

David A Ryan commented on May 28, 2009

The content of this page is truncated

The content is incomplete, the end of the instructions are missing.

It would also be nice to include a PDF of this content as it is quite lengthy.