Alice G Klein commented on Jul 7, 2009

Additional debug tools

I found entering the following statement in your script file a real help:


If you have firebug installed or IE 8 then a debugger window will appear and stop at that line.

IE 8 has the debugger built in (Tools -> Developer Tools or function key 12) I believe this is what Visual Web Developer provided.

Alice G Klein commented on Jun 29, 2009


thanks Anna. My version is 1.1 (Windows)

Is there a later version?

May I suggest in the future it is handled the same way as the debug version of dojo.js -- add a debug version whenever the product is installed / modified. Any help to debugging is welcome!

Alice G Klein commented on Jun 24, 2009


For debugging it says get the debug version of enabler.js. Can this be made available?

Locate enabler.js in the following directory. This file replaces files on your server:


Ask your IBM representive for the debug enabled enabler.js file. Then replace your enabler.js with the debug enabled enabler.js file.