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RE: Security flaw-accessing other people's databases
Paul K Smerdon 14.Feb.07 03:04 PM a Web browser
Domino Everyplace All Releases All Platforms

Sounds like whoever is doing the Notes Administration at your company needs to take "Admin 101" to learn basic security practices.

1) To prevent other users from opening and reading other's mail use the ACL. Check the access level of -Default-. This is typicallt set to No Access.

2) The machine names written to this field are the machines the users logged onto their home mail server with. I'm not usre how oftne this is recorded or how long a machine name will saty there if it's not used. My guess is this is updated daily when StatLog runs but I don't know for sure. May be updated by Dynamic Client Config process also.

3) No logs for this. I would recommend getting the ID's out of the Domino Directory and storing them in a secured folder on the network or in an Encrypted database within Lotus Notes. Check out ID Manager from Help Software.

4) The server log (log.nsf) keeps track of user access for servers and databases. There's also an activity log in each database. But if someone is using someone else's ID there is no way to know who is using it. It is assumed that each user guards there own ID and does not share their password with anyone. Which leads me to a question: when you saved an ID to your PC and switched to it in Lotus Notes were you prompted for a password? If not I could see this as a major security flaw. The person creating the IDs has the password quality set to "0".

I'd say it might be a good idea to bring in a consultant to evaluate your security model and make suggestions.

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