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RE: Creating Invitations using Visual Basic - please help!
Youri Autier 22.Apr.04 03:47 AM a Web browser
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Here is a function that I created in one of my notes applications to create a
document of the meeting invitation type. It works fine on R5 and I think It
successfully passed my tests on 6,5 as well.

u>Notes </u>]
I do not know what half of the fields are for but some of them must exist;
others don't and I just don't know which ones are mandatory.
I deleted some additional code which are not relevant for the invitation itself
so you may see some declarations of variables that are not used.

Good luck.

Function MakeMeetingInvitation(docCur As NotesDocument, nmUserChair As
notesName , nmUserFrom As notesname, _
nmUserTo As NotesName) As NotesDocument
'This function creates a meeting invitation
Dim s As New notessession
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Dim docSession As NotesDocument
Dim docInvitation As notesdocument

Dim vrnStartDate As Variant
Dim vrnEndDate As Variant
Dim vrnStartTime As Variant
Dim vrnEndTime As Variant
Dim strLocation As String, strSessionInfo As String

Set db = docCur.parentDatabase
'Getting information from Session sDocument
Set docSession = GetParentDocument(db, docCur.ParentDocumentUNID)

If Not docSession Is Nothing Then
strLocation = docSession.Session_Loc(0)
strSessionInfo = docSession.Session_Subject(0)
End If

'Set nmUser = New NotesName (s.Username)
Set nmUserFrom = New NotesName("Learning&Education")

'it is not necessary to use variable but it makes it easier to debug
vrnStartDate = Datevalue(docCur.Session_StartDate(0))
vrnEndDate = Datevalue(docCur.Session_EndDate(0))
vrnStartTime = Timevalue(docCur.Session_StartTime(0))
vrnEndTime = Timevalue(docCur.Session_EndTime(0))

Set docInvitation = db.createDocument

docInvitation.Form = "Notice"
docInvitation.~_ViewIcon = 133
docInvitation.~$PublicAccess = "1"
docInvitation.AppointmentType = "3"
docInvitation.AltChair = nmUserFrom.Abbreviated
docInvitation.AltRequiredNames = nmUserTo .Abbreviated
docInvitation.AltSendTo = nmUserTo.canonical + "@EMEA-BE"

'Chair cannot be the same as User and UserFrom or the accept buttons
will not be visible. it cannot be empty either
docInvitation.Chair = nmUserChair.canonical

docInvitation.Location = strLocation
docInvitation.NoticeType = "I"
docInvitation.PostedDate = Now
docInvitation.Principal = nmUserFrom.canonical
docInvitation.RequiredAttendees = nmUserTo.abbreviated + "@EMEA-BE"
docInvitation.Subject = "Invitation : " + docCur.Course_Name(0)
docInvitation.SendTo =nmUserTo.canonical

docInvitation.StartDate = vrnStartDate + vrnStartTime
docInvitation.StartDateTime = vrnStartDate + vrnStartTime
docInvitation.StartTime = vrnStartDate + vrnStartTime
docInvitation.EndDate = vrnEndDate + vrnEndTime
docInvitation.EndDateTime = vrnEndDate + vrnEndTime
docInvitation.EndTime = vrnEndDate + vrnEndTime

docInvitation.Topic = docCur.Course_Name(0)

Dim strarrCSTrack(1) As String
strarrCSTrack(0) = "InitEventDescriptorFromNewNote by Notes Client on "
+ nmUserFrom.Abbreviated + "(" & Trim(s.NotesVersion) & ") at " & Cstr(Now)
strarrCSTrack(1) = "SendPrimaryMeetingRequest by Notes Client on " +
nmUserFrom.Abbreviated + "(" & Trim(s.NotesVersion) & ") at " & Cstr(Now)

docInvitation.~$Alarm = 1
docInvitation.~$AlarmOffset = -30
docInvitation.~$AltPrincipal = nmUserFrom.canonical
docInvitation.~$CSTrack = strarrCSTrack
docInvitation.~$CSVersion = "2"
docInvitation.~$ExpandGroups = "3"
docInvitation.~$LangChair = ""
docInvitation.~$LangPrincipal = ""
docInvitation.~$Mailer = "Lotus Notes " + Strleft(s.notesVersion, "|",
1) + " " + Trim(Strright(s.notesVersion, "|", 1))
docInvitation.~$NameLanguageTags = "en"
docInvitation.~$NoPurge = vrnStartDate + vrnStartTime
docInvitation.~$StorageTo = "1"
docInvitation.~$StorageCc = ""
docInvitation.~$SMTPKeepNotesItems = "1"
docInvitation.~$WebFlags = "J"

Dim itemSign As NotesItem
Set itemSign = New NotesItem(docInvitation, "Sign", "0")

docInvitation.Alarms = "1"
docInvitation.AltCopyTo = ""
docInvitation.APPTUNID = docInvitation.universalID
docInvitation.BookFreeTime = ""
docInvitation.CopyTo = ""
docInvitation.FromCategories = ""
docInvitation.INetSendTo = "."
docInvitation.INetCopyTo = ""
docInvitation.INetRequiredNames = "."
docInvitation.Logo = "stdNotesLtr0"
docInvitation.MailFirstPass = "1"
docInvitation.MAILOPTIONS = ""
docInvitation.OrgConfidential = ""
docInvitation.Repeats = ""
docInvitation.RoomToReserve = ""
docInvitation.Resources = ""
docInvitation.SequenceNum = 1
docInvitation.StorageRequiredNames = "1"
docInvitation.WebDateTimeInit = "1"

'No Counter proposal + No responses
docInvitation.Broadcast = "1"
'docInvitation.PreventCounter = "1"
Set MakeMeetingInvitation = docInvitation

End Function

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