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Jean-Yves Riverin 25.Aug.08 12:57 PM Lotus Notes
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Here's a list of documents related to the Reservation database.
Many posts will be answered by those links

First of all,

Setup of Reservation database

What is and how to set up resource scheduling for Notes/Domino Calendaring & Scheduling (6.x, 7.x, 8.x)

Should the Resource Reservations database be replicated? Should it be clustered?

Clustering the Domino 7 Resource Reservations database

From Alan Lepofsky's blog

Rooms and Resources Design in Lotus Notes/Domino 7: Learn about how we've improved the design and function of the Rooms and Resources feature in Lotus Notes/Domino 7.

New Rooms and Resources features in Lotus Notes/Domino 7 part 2.

Important R&R related technotes:
- How the new Rooms and Resources Manager works in Domino 7
- Functional changes in Domino 7 for reservations directly booked in the Resource database
- What is the purpose of the RnRMgr task in ND7?
- Clustering the Domino 7 Resource Reservations database
- How do Advance limits on reserving a room or resource work in Domino 7?

Double booking

Potential for double bookings in Domino 7 when repeating reservations are deleted by the Delete Reservation action
Double booking allowed for Notes 5 clients in an upgraded environment

Moving reservations to new room and resource database

From eview

Resource Reservations — A Utility for Moving and Consolidating Resources
Resource Reservations — A Utility for Renaming Resources & Changing Category and Site Information

Moving Rooms and Resources from one Domain to another without losing reservations

Cannot rename site in Domino Resource Reservations database

Autoprocess problem and Owner's problems

Room owners that have Forwarding address in their Person document cannot approve/decline reservations for rooms they own    
  Room owners that have Forwarding address in their Person document can't approve/decline reservations for rooms they own.
Owner unable to book room directly from the Resource Reservations database

Removal notices do not get autoprocessed in invitee's Calendar
No Respond buttons in Reschedule notice after selecting option to be kept informed of meeting updates

Free time problems

How to resolve Free Time inaccuracies in Notes/Domino Calendaring and Scheduling  
This document contains steps a Domino Administrator can take in order to solve problems with Free Time lookups not working correctly for Calendaring & Scheduling.

Modifications to Reservation database

Ability To Edit Reservations and Reassign Reservations within Resource Db Is not Present in 5.x or 6.x

Resource Reservation Modification
Extending the Resource Reservations System to Manage Room Resources \Extending the Resource Reservations database
Customizing Resource Reservations — Enable Users to Schedule Rooms Based on Room Attributes

IBM - Making modifications to Notes System Templates
IBM Lotus strongly recommends that careful consideration be given before any modifications are made to any template, especially the Domino Directory.

Calendering and Scheduling Schema
If you want to work a lot to do it yourself, you could build your own Reservation database$File/csschema.pdf

Notes/Domino Best Practices: Calendaring & Scheduling

How to re-create the Busytime.nsf or Clubusy.nsf file on a Domino Server

Notes/Domino C&S: How To Reserve Rooms and Resources in Another Domain

Room Reservation - calendar entry shows reservation, even though user did not have permission to book
Check this thread for a very effective workaround -

Knowledge Collection: Resource Reservations database in Notes/Domino C&S

Resource Reservation databases based on 6.x or earlier design do not function properly on Domino 7.0 servers

Is it possible to setup resource reservation databases to work between seperate domains.

Title: CalConn task does not return Free Time for adjacent domain in Hub-Spoke; Free Time is grayed out

DST 2007
Title: Effects of 2007 DST changes on Lotus Notes Calendaring and Scheduling functionality and Resource Reservation functionality

Supported Configurations of Notes and Domino 7.0

Supported configurations for Notes and Domino 8.x

"Any supported version of the Notes client can use the Notes 7.0 R&R template (subject to any previous restrictions) and get the benefit of the new RnRMgr (Rooms and Resources Manager) feature. Unsupported clients can reserve rooms or resources only from C&S. There is nothing in the R&R template (Resrc7.ntf) that is Notes 7.0 specific. For C&S users, there is no change in behavior."

R5 client is not supported. The R5 users can book correctly from their mail file, but not directly in the D7 RnR database.

Top of Calendar View of Domino R5 Resource Reservation Database Displays a User Name

User Name Appears at Top of Calendar View of Resource Reservation Database

The remote server is not a known TCP/IP host , you could look here
Notes/Domino background agent fails to send mail; Errors may occur in logs

It may not be accurate, but it's the same behavior.
Virus Scanner Causes Resource Reservations to not Autoprocess Reservations

RnRMgr task does not start as expected during cluster failover

Renamed room/resource not updated in the Domino Directory

iCalendar: MS Outlook is unable to book a Notes/Domino room or resource

Search in the knowledge base


Documents related to Reservation da... (Jean-Yves River... 25.Aug.08)
. . RE: Documents related to Reservatio... (Jean-Yves River... 26.Aug.08)
. . . . RE: Documents related to Reservatio... (Jean-Yves River... 13.Oct.08)
. . . . . . RE: Documents related to Reservatio... (Jean-Yves River... 27.Oct.08)
. . . . . . . . RE: Documents related to Reservatio... (Jean-Yves River... 4.Feb.09)
. . . . . . . . . . RE: Documents related to Reservatio... (Jean-Yves River... 19.May.09)
. . . . . . . . . . . . RE: Documents related to Reservatio... (Jean-Yves River... 1.Jun.09)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . RE: Documents related to Reservatio... (Jean-Yves River... 7.Sep.09)

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