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RE: Calendar entry spanning more than 1 day
Wesley Gaston 9.Sep.05 09:37 AM a Web browser
Domino Designer All Releases All Platforms

Here's the entire code for this agent I'm having a problem with spanning more than 1 day:

Sub Initialize
Dim ss As New notessession
Dim db As notesdatabase
Dim item As notesitem
Dim webdoc As NotesDocument
Dim doc As NotesDocument
Dim startdttm As NotesDateTime
Dim enddttm As NotesDateTime
Dim Description As Variant
Dim Exclude(1) As String
Dim rtitem As NotesRichTextItem

Set db = ss.CurrentDatabase
Set doc = New NotesDocument( Db )
Set rtitem = New NotesRichTextItem(Doc, "Body" )
Set webdoc = ss.DocumentContext

doc.form = "Appointment"
doc.AppointmentType = "3"
doc.NoticeType = "I"
doc.Alarms = "1"
Set item = New NotesItem(doc, "$Alarm", 1)
item.IsSummary = True
Set item = New NotesItem(doc, "$AlarmOffset", -30)

doc.Subject = "Session Notification: " & webdoc.Class(0)
doc.Location = webdoc.location(0)
doc.Logo = "AcNotesLtr"

'Time Zone Logic Start - GLT

Dim edb As New NotesDatabase(db.Server,"corp\employee.nsf")
Dim eview As NotesView
Dim edoc As NotesDocument
Dim mdoc As NotesDocument

Set eview = edb.GetView("CEBI")
Set edoc = eview.GetDocumentByKey(webdoc.StudentInitials(0),True)
If Not( edoc Is Nothing ) Then
Dim location, location2 As String
location = Left$(edoc.LOCATION(0),2)
Dim caltimezone As Integer
Select Case Location
Case "NY","CT","GR","GA", "CL", "KY" : caltimezone = 1
Case "SF", "MV", "LA" : caltimezone = -2
Case "SI" : caltimezone = 0
Case "AC" :
location2 = edoc.TC_FLOOR(0)
Select Case Location2
Case "NY","CT","GR","GA", "CL", "KY", "NJ", "MA", "FL", "MD", "NH", "PA", "NC", "OH" : caltimezone = 1
Case "SF", "MV", "LA", "CA", "OR" : caltimezone = -2
Case "MO", "TX", "AL", "IL", "MN" : caltimezone = 0
Case Else : caltimezone = 0
End Select
Case Else : caltimezone = 0
End Select
caltimezone = 0
End If
If doc.Location(0) = "New York" Then
caltimezone = caltimezone - 1
End If
If doc.Location(0) = "Mountain View" Then
caltimezone = caltimezone + 2
End If

doc.StartTimeZone = "Z=6$DO=1$DL=4 1 1 10 -1 1$ZX=25$ZN=Central"
doc.EndTimeZone = "Z=6$DO=1$DL=4 1 1 10 -1 1$ZX=25$ZN=Central"
'Time Zone Logic End

Set startdttm = New NotesDateTime( & " " & webdoc.time(0))
Set enddttm = New NotesDateTime(webdoc.enddate(0) & " " & webdoc.endtime(0))
doc.CalendarDateTime = startdttm.LSLocalTime
doc.StartDateTime = startdttm.LSLocalTime

doc.StartDate = startdttm.LSLocalTime
doc.StartTime = startdttm.LSLocalTime
doc.EndDateTime = enddttm.LSLocalTime
doc.EndDate = enddttm.LSLocalTime
doc.EndTime =enddttm.LSLocalTime
Call rtitem.AppendText(webdoc.Description)

Exclude(0) = "D"
Exclude(1) = "S"
Set Item = Doc.ReplaceItemValue("$StorageTo", "1")
Set Item = Doc.ReplaceItemValue("$PublicAccess", "1")
Set Item = Doc.ReplaceItemValue("CalendarDateTime",
Set Item = Doc.ReplaceItemValue("ExcludeFromView", Exclude)
Set Item = Doc.ReplaceItemValue("_ViewIcon",133)
doc.tmpDoNotProcess = "1"

Call Doc.ComputeWithForm (True, False)
Doc.Principal = "CompanyFunctions Admin/MO/americancentury@americancentury"
Doc.ReplyTo = "xxx"
Doc.INetFrom = "xxx"
Call doc.Send( False, webdoc.StudentInitials(0))
Call doc.PutInFolder("($Alarms)")

End Sub

Calendar entry spanning more than 1... (Wesley Gaston 9.Sep.05)
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. . . . . . RE: Calendar entry spanning more th... (Stan Rogers 9.Sep.05)

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