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Keith Strickland 9.Jul.07 01:58 PM a Web browser
Domino Designer 6.5.5 All Platforms

I'm attempting to change the background image of a table cell depending on the value of a field but this isn't happening and no errors are returned. Here's the setup.

I have a frameset displaying 3 frames, the banner, a form with a field called Row and a table with 3 cells and then another frameset containing a view and a form in the last frame. I also have 2 image resources called "hit_on.gif" and "hit_off.gif"

The 3 cell table I have a formula for a background image in each cell:

I then have a URL hotspot on text in each cell to change the value of the Row field with the following formula:

The value of the Row field is being changed, however the computed cell images are not changing based on the value of the Row field. I've added some text to hide if row=2 and when I click on the 2nd cell, the value of Row gets changed to 2 and the text is hidden, however the cell image ("hit_on.gif") isn't being displayed.

Have I missed something here? Or, does it matter that the form containing the table and Row field are being displayed in a frame?

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