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RE: WOW. Thanks!
Joydeep Gupta 10.Jun.06 02:19 PM a Web browser
Domino Designer 6.5.5 Windows XP

Although we do not have as complex a setup as you have at your end, we do have what I refer to as a "beast" in our mix. The "beast" has a mind of it's own. It could, on a whim, decide to just stop working. Now, to make it work again is sort of like deciphering the source of consternation for a two month old child and pleading with the child to stop crying.
Ours is a muliti-database application -- have a total 8 databases in the suite. The application suite has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese and French, with the default language being English. We have used Domino Global Workbench (DGW), lovingly known as the "beast" to me, to globalize the application. That added layer of databases, generated by DGW and required for it to work, between the development environment, the test environment, the pilot environment and, finally, the production environment makes all those errors so much more of a pain in the posterior. We, too, have implemented custom classes and keep on receiving the error messages you have described. The language database that is generated by DGW has design elements that have been translated into each language. So, for e.g., one scriptlibrary in the development template would translate into four in the language template (3 translated copies and 1 English copy). Now, as you could imagine, to compile all the LotusScript in all the language templates takes quite some time. To make it even more fun, after building the language template, you will realize that the code change that you had made in the agent in the development template hasn't made it to the language template because of issue being described by the technote 1179112. To fix that problem is another story altogether. So, yes, I can relate to what you are going through, although it might not be at the level you are experiencing.
I have been facing this problem for quite sometime now and the only way to keep all the changes in synch and the application running is by recompiling all LotusScript one application at a time. Sometimes, just to push a small change to the production environment takes me half a day. I don't think it would be high on anybody's fix list at IBM. Moreover, it will probably be tagged as a "working as designed".

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