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nikoskar nikoskar 3.Jan.06 07:04 AM a Web browser
Domino Designer 6.0.1 CF3 Windows 2000

Dear All,
i am a newbie with Lotus Doino and i want your help.
I have 2 forms.1 is for user input errors and the other is for inserting projects. When the user select the project from the formm automatically 4 others fields inside the forms are updated.My problem is that when i change any field from the project form and after that a users opens a error document he dont see the fields with the new values but with old.To see them needs to edit the document and save it.
Can anyone help me how can the documents updated without the user edit the document. I think maybe need to write a agent form that.

here is my test Script Library agent (but doesnt work for all fields.Only for one)

Sub SetPprojectValue ( tmpPrjOLD, tmpPrjNEW As String)

Dim Session As New NotesSession
Dim Workspace As New NotesUIWorkspace

Set session = New NotesSession
Set db = Session.CurrentDatabase

Set MainView = db.GetView("ALLENT")

'Search by old value
Set MainVC = MainView.GetAllEntriesByKey(tmpPrjOLD,False)

If MainVC.count >0 Then

Set MainEntry = MainVC.Getfirstentry()

Do Until MainEntry Is Nothing

Set MainDoc = MainEntry.document

' Set New Value
MainDoc.Project_Main = tmpPrjNEW
'MainDoc.tmp_status = tmpStatus
'MainDoc.tmp_Cycle = tmpCycle
'MainDoc.tmp_Run = tmpRun
'MainDoc.tmp_SystemF = tmpSystemF


Set MainEntry = MainVC.GetNextEntry(MainEntry)
Call Workspace.ViewRefresh
End If
End Sub

with new script when i update the field project at the 1st form, automatically the field project_main updated at the 2nd form. How can i add the other fields?. I add them as comments.

At the main form i add: Call SetPprojectValue(tmpProject_Old, tmpProject_New)

Many Thanks and sorry for the huge mail.

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