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RE: Lotus Domino on Linux Standard Server?
Darren Gilbert 7.Jan.04 05:51 AM a Web browser
Domino Server 6.5; 6.0.3 Linux - RedHat, Linux - SuSE

Be wary of installing onto RedHat Enterprise servers. They are supported only with the Uni-Processor Kernel, and it looks like they'll never be supported by Domino in the future...

I recieved this answer from an IBM Business Partner this morning on this very subject...

When will Redhat Linux Enterprise Server 3 be supported by Domino 6.5?

It seems that the answer is that it won't be supported, the technical reasons for this are detailed below.

In Domino 7 development is taking the work done for Domino 6.5 for Linux on zSeries and moving it over to Intel. Specifically, this work is based on the epoll kernel API that allows Lotus to use Domino "Thread Pools" to support clients instead of the "Thread per Connection" model used on Linux today. The "Thread per Connection" model is the fundamental bottleneck for Linux scalability. Internally, "Thread Pools" are handled differently to "Thread per Connection" model in Domino. As a result, Lotus can only develop one connection model for Domino 7. That model will be "Thread Pools" based on the epoll API.

United Linux:
UL 1.0 SP2 supports epoll today
Domino 7 will support UL 1.0 (and likely UL 2.0 post GA)
This solution will scale comparable to other platforms

RedHat AS 2.1 and EL 3.0 do NOT support epoll
Domino 7 will NOT support RH AS 2.1
Domino 7 will NOT support RH EL 3.0
RedHat EL 4.0 will support epoll
RedHat GA Date is TDB (projected -> 4Q04-1Q05)
Lotus will plan to pick up RedHat EL4.0 support in a 7.0.1 / 7.0.2
depending on GA date of D7 and Redhat 4.0.

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