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RE: AppendDocLink in Script not working
O. S.O 9.Mar.14 10:22 PM a Web browser
Domino Designer 6.5.4 Windows XP

Hi good day!

I have this same problem, I already checked my scripts and I think I applied what your suggestion. But still I don't see my link to show in the mail. Here is my codes:

Option Public

Sub Initialize

ChkFlg = 0

Call SendMail
If ChkFlg = 1 Then
Exit Sub
End If

End Sub
Function F_Settei(doc As NotesDocument)As String
If doc.SendT(0)<>"" Then
Select Case doc.SendD(0)
Case "1":F_Settei=Str(doc.SendD_1(0))+" "+tim$+" only"
Case "M":F_Settei="毎月"+Str(doc.SendD_M(0))+" day/s"+tim$
Case "W":
Forall x In doc.SendD_W
Select Case x
Case "1" :w$=w$+"(Sunday)"
Case "2" :w$=w$+"(Monday)"
Case "3" :w$=w$+"(Tuesday)"
Case "4" :w$=w$+"(Wednesday)"
Case "5" :w$=w$+"(Thursday)"
Case "6" :w$=w$+"(Friday)"
Case "7" :w$=w$+"(Saturday)"
End Select
End Forall
F_Settei$="Weekly "+w$+tim$
End Select
End If
End Function
Function SendMail As Integer
On Error 4294 Goto Err4294'4294: メールを送信できません。アドレス帳に該当する名前が見つかりません。

Dim ws As New NotesUIWorkspace
Dim udc As NotesUIDocument
Dim doc_w As NotesDocument
Dim dc As NotesDocument
Dim cdc As NotesDocument

Set udc = ws.CurrentDocument
Set cdc = udc.Document

Dim session As New NotesSession
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Set db = session.CurrentDatabase

Set doc_w = db.CreateDocument

'added for the purpose of setting the FROM/Sender name
Dim sender As String
'sender = udc.FieldGetText("AddUserID")
sender = "Admin"

'added for the purpose of setting the FROM/Sender name
doc_w.SaveOptions ="0"
doc_w.Principal = sender + "/U/SHI"
doc_w.From = sender
doc_w.AltFrom = sender
doc_w.SendFrom = sender
doc_w.INetFrom = sender
doc_w.tmpDisplaySentBy = sender
doc_w.tmpDisplayFrom_Preview = sender
doc_w.DisplaySent = sender

doc_w.SendTo =udc.FieldGetText("SendTo")
doc_w.CopyTo =udc.FieldGetText("CopyTo")
doc_w.BlindCopyTo =Split(udc.FieldGetText("BlindCopyTo"))
doc_w.Subject ="【予約依頼承認待ち】⇒SDMI予約DB"
If Not(Isnull(doc_w.SendTo)) Then
Dim item_w As NotesRichTextItem
Set item_w = New NotesRichTextItem( doc_w, "Body" )
Call item_w.AppendText(Chr(13)+"SHI DESIGNING & MANUFACTURING, INC.")
Call item_w.AppendText(Chr(13)+"Dear Ms. Rhen,")
Call item_w.AddNewLine(1)
Call item_w.AddNewLine(1)
Call item_w.AppendText(Chr(13)+"Good Day!")
Call item_w.AddNewLine(1)
Call item_w.AddNewLine(1)
Call item_w.AppendText(Chr(13)+"Please be informed that there is new request for reservation.")
Call item_w.AddNewLine(1)
Call item_w.AppendText(Chr(13)+ "Ref. No.: 「" + udc.FieldGetText("refNo") + "」 ==> " )
Call item_w.Appenddoclink(cdc,"Please click once")'保存済のDoclinkを送る(注:自分自身を送らないこと
Call item_w.AppendText(") (This link doesn't work on non-Lotus email)" )
Call item_w.AddNewLine(1)
Call item_w.AddNewLine(1)
Call item_w.AppendText(Chr(13)+"--------------------------------------------------------------------------")
Call item_w.AppendText(Chr(13)+"This address is only for transmission. Please do not perform a reply")
Call item_w.AppendText(Chr(13)+"--------------------------------------------------------------------------")

Call doc_w.Send(False)
End If
SendMail = 1
Exit Function

Print "4294: メールを送信できません。アドレス帳に該当する名前が見つかりません:UNID=" & doc.UniversalID
Exit Function
End Function

Can you point me out what I am missing?

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

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