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RE: AdjustDay Malfunction
Willy Lorenzo 25.Jan.13 10:44 AM Lotus Notes
Applications Development 6.5.4 Windows XP

Did you step through the debugger and actually see the AdjustDay function fail? Or are you saying that AdjustDay failed because the field eqptreq doesn't have your result? I ask because those are two completely different issues.

Your primary mistake is in trying to assign NewDate, which is a NotesDateTime object, as a text value. LotusScript should be throwing an error on this line. If you're not getting an error when executing this line, its probably because there's an "On Error Goto Next" line somewhere in the code preceding the code in question.

First of all, do not useFieldGetText or FieldSetText. That is a classic newbie mistake. Don't use the UI field functions for data manipulation. Use notesdocument (as in Source.Document) and set the fields directly. The reason is twofold. First, you can set the correct datatype when working with fields. Second, the UI field functions serve a different purpose. The important feature of the UI field functions is that you don't need a field name. These functions will operate at the cursor location. THAT'S what makes them valuable. But if you're not performing true UI based operations, then you'll be better off working with the Document object. Here's the correct code...

Dim NewDate As New NotesDateTime(Today)
Call NewDate.AdjustDay(7)

If Source.Document.GetFirstItem( "eqptreq" ).DateTimeValue.LSLocalTime = Today Then
Call Source.Document.ReplaceItemValue( "eqptreq" , NewDate )
End If

But wait...there's more. Make sure the eqptreq field is a Date field. Note that this only works if eqptreq is a date with no time, so make sure there's no time in there. Also, if eqptreq if empty then you get an error. So you have to account for a missing value. Here's the code with a datatype check.

If Source.Document.GetFirstItem( "eqptreq" ).Type = 1024 Then ' or DATETIMES if using Constants
If Source.Document.GetFirstItem( "eqptreq" ).DateTimeValue.LSLocalTime = Today Then
Call Source.Document.ReplaceItemValue( "eqptreq" , NewDate )
End If
Error 1000 , "Field eqptreq does not contain a date"
End If

One final point that is optional is in the way you created NewDate. I would do it differently...

Dim NewDate As New NotesDateTime( "" )
Call NewDate.SetNow
Call NewDate.SetAnyTime
Call NewDate.AdjustDay( 7 )

The reason is in the way "New NotesDateTime" works. The parameter is a text parameter. So when you enter "Today", that date value is actually turned into text through implicit data type conversion, and then the text is converted into a NotesDateTime. It's better to eliminate any ambiguity whatsoever by eliminating the text conversion step. SetNow will set the current date and time. SetAnyTime will clear out the time so that you have a date only.

AdjustDay Malfunction (Shawn Pelletier... 25.Jan.13)
. . RE: AdjustDay Malfunction (Willy Lorenzo 25.Jan.13)
. . . . RE: AdjustDay Malfunction (Shawn Pelletier... 25.Jan.13)

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