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RE: Is it True??????????
Ben Langhinrichs 29.Aug.05 10:50 AM Lotus Notes
Domino Everyplace All Releases All Platforms

OK, try asking yourself whether it has significantly confused users that Microsoft offers two separate mail clients, Outlook and Outlook Express. They look different, they work differently, save with different formats when you archive a message, etc. etc. Has this encouraged people to move to Notes? Perhaps, but just saying "two-product strategy could confuse customers and even encourage some to switch to Exchange" doesn't make it true. When Coca Cola started offering both Coke Classic and new Coke, did customers get confused and leave in droves for Pepsi? When Honda puts out an Accord and a Civic, do people get confused and switch to something else. No, of course not.

Workplace Messaging may confuse some people, but it hasn't lead to people switching to Exchange. It has just led them to check and see whether they can stay on Notes/Domino. When they see ND7 to be released in the next couple weeks, and announcements of feature plans for ND8 and ND9, they stay calm and stay put. The analysts who like to claim otherwise seem to have an agenda other than just reporting.

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