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db sh 15.Jan.13 02:22 AM a Web browser
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Dear All,

I am facing some problem in date.I have one form in which users fill one date in date field (like Date1)and then i have one agent and this will run after 7 days of that Date1 field.
For example users fills 18-02-2013 in Date1 field then agent should run on 24-02-2013. but my agent is already run on 14-02-2013. I dont understand why is happing.
I have used this code
Dim Given_Date As NotesDateTime
Dim Curr_Date As New notesdatetime(today)

Set Given_Date = New NotesDateTime(Curr_Doc.Date1(0)) '' i have set current doc from view
Check_Mod=DateDiff_Seven_Day Mod 7
If (Check_Mod<>0) Then
GoTo Get_Next_Document '' then agent will not run on that document and go to next document
agent run and mail will go.
end if
Now the problem is agent runs dependent on day(like monday-monday, tuesday-tuesday) which is wrong means 18-02-2013 will be on monday that why agent run on 14-01-2013 take another ex if date1 field has date- 26-02-2013 then agent runs on 15-01-2013 but it should be run on 04-03-2013 in palce of 15-01-2013.

I dont know why is happing.. please suggest .. i am in big trouble

Thanks in advance.

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