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Jon Drake 9.Mar.06 10:28 AM a Web browser
Applications Development 6.5.5 Windows XP

I just read Thomas Kennedy's information on uidocs and docs for Steve C. It's a great summation. It doesn't quite explain rich text though. I did a search on AppendRTField here and got about 1000 hits (of which I only read about the first 5 pages worth) so it obviously can be sticky. After reading them I actually understood what my problem is. Fixing it is not so easy...

I have a document open (uidoc) and a handle to it my code (doc1). After changing some values (my now-infamous-checkbox) a user clicks the submit button and my agent runs. The agent loops two lists, the original (a back-end item) and the just modified (as a uidoc field) and if it finds changes it processes one by one each item in the 'change' list. There's about 5 different process cases. (The system is actually much more complex - I'm giving a simplified version for the purposes of this question)

So if a change was made and there's say 3 list values that have been detected, in one case a new response document is created. On the uidoc there is a RT field with a list of doclinks - one to each of the responses that already exist. In the case where I create a new response, I try to append the new doclink to the existing list.

The standard methods don't work, because the uidoc is still open. here's some versions:

set rtitem = doc1.getfirstitem("linkfield")
call rtitem.addline
call rtitem.appendtext
call rtitem appenddoclink(newresponse)

this fails because, uidoc.close wipes out the change

set rtitem = doc1.getfirstitem("linkfield")
set newrt - new notesrichtextitem(__, "templink")
call newrt.addline
call newrt.appendtext
call newrt appenddoclink(newresponse)

Call rtitem.appendRTItem(newrt)
gets the same result because of the uidoc / doc issue although I'm sure for a brief moment, my doclink is there

I saw Andre's example on of updating a RTF while it's still in the UI - but this isn't exactly what I need to do although it wouldn't hurt anything.

So I started to try the
saveoptions = "0"
do th rtitem stuff
doc1. save
call ws.editdocument(true, doc1 ,,,)

and what I get is a new instance of the uidoc. After the delta list of values are all processes, the uidoc then saves and closes, but here is where I get the prompt "Do you want to save..." and end up with a save conflict document

Has anyone made it this far?

All I would like to know is what would be the best steps to take to
1) have a uidoc open
2) create a response to it
3) append a doclink to a RT field on the uidoc (I don't care if it displays right away)
4) save and close my uidoc and have the link there the next time I open it.

Currently I am trying that if it hits a CreateNewREsponse (which actually is a subroutine)
then first close the uidoc, then run the subroutine, then open the uidoc again.
Another method I thought of was to pass the doclink somehow back out of the subroutine - maybe an embedded function and then finally attach that after the uidoc is saved and closed.

If anyone has followed this sad state of affairs, I'd appreciate your advice. Cheers.

uidoc, doc and RT fields (Jon Drake 9.Mar.06)
. . additional effects (Jon Drake 9.Mar.06)

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