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amar ku das
Not able to pick all document by java
Hi i have issue in java program which acess notes view categories view . i have view which 2 column categorised so from...
Ellis Lowe
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/34e6ef50dbadc6238525823a0061fcac?OpenDocument>Lotus Notes issLotus Notes issue
My problem is very strange. Because I'm not a novice in using Lotus Notes, but I've got next: Error Reading File. I've no...
Giulio Santoro72
move sametime server
Hello I should MIGRATE our sametime on new hardware(the latest supported) but we have a lot of doubt about best scenario...
Kings Fern
10Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/4faa256d8006cba685258239002e5dd0?OpenDocument>Read attachmentRead attachment without extracting?
Hi, is it possible to read an attachment in a doc without extracting it to a file system? If this is possible, can you...
Mark E Robinson
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/830d00cf06bf22a785258234006b71fa?OpenDocument>List of ALL fieList of ALL fields in form
Plain and simple, I'm trying to generate a list of every field I've got in one particular form (and, if possible, the field...
MichaelK Stewart
Domino 10 webcast
Happy Valentine's Day, Domino fans! Please join us for a special webcast, to hear what's next for Domino v10. #Domino2025...
Kings Fern
4Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/f5199163d933179e85258233003d6122?OpenDocument>Unable to make Unable to make more HTTP requests in Web Agent
I have a WebQueryOpen agent which connects to a WebPage which is basically a BluePages API Locator. In the Log, I check...
Merry Max
Prevent Editing of Mail in Reply - Forward
Dear All, Is they any setting i can prevent user to edit / change content of email in reply / forward....
Richard A Vogan
2Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/40fc912a4c4295bd8525821e006e120f?OpenDocument>okcancellistmulokcancellistmulti only returns one value
I'm trying to create a survey button in a Lotus email message using power := @Prompt([OkCancelListMult];"Power";"List Power...
Crista Pineau
5Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/ac2374a89d2c19e38525821e005ed9b4?OpenDocument>Detailed procesDetailed process including ports and protocols used for setup
Lotus Notes 7.0.2 on Windows desktops I am looking for what ports and protocols are utilized during an initial Lotus Notes...
amar ku das
2Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/d1280753c8e526918525821900442e04?OpenDocument>CreateObject MSCreateObject MSSOAP.SoapClient30
Hi All, I have issue to Create object for "MSSOAP.SoapClient30" it show me error My code is below Set client =...
Suzie Kelly
3Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/40278d2cc8dc5b0f85258217000c6466?OpenDocument>Fake site?</a>]Fake site?
I need to crack the security on an important database with local encryption turned on, for which we have lost the user ID....
Sue Z Sunshine
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/45d1c5da949ae7368525820f006fecbe?OpenDocument>Refresh Docs anRefresh Docs and Modified By
I am using an agent to refresh all selected documents in a database: @Command( [ToolsRefreshSelectedDocs] ) Works fine. Of...
Baba Tony
have to show countdown timer
Dear All, I have used one form as a dailogbox with the help of workspace.dailogbox method in database script. I have given...
amar ku das
3Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/fa8d7c1a94503d6f852581f000179697?OpenDocument>Lotus Notes DatLotus Notes Database Size Related Query
Hi All, I have one big challenge now for Lotus Noted database Size limit which is 64 GB now but i want to increase my...
Mansukha In
2Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/87964c4b7d00f512852581ef001dbf0a?OpenDocument>Newly created aNewly created addressbook
Hello I have created another addressbook on the same server where there was already an addressbook, now I would like to add...
Kris Van Hoof
2Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/def935503cc32ad2852581e700371e07?OpenDocument>User needs to lUser needs to logon to different server
All I have an employee who moved from another site where Lotus Notes 6.5.3 is also used. However, he logs on on a different...
Peter Cong
How to refresh parent UI document when response document is opening from embedded view?
How to refresh parent UI document when response document is opening from embedded view? Hi,
In my Notes application, th...
Walton Ferrell
Header on a form does not work in preview pane
I'm using IBM Notes on Windows 10. I've designed a form header to display important info that doesn't scroll off the...
Matt Smith
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/dbd4f2902f1d0d64852581d80021321a?OpenDocument>CGI variable SeCGI variable Server_Name in $$HTMLHEAD?
I tried using the CGI variable on a page, and wanted the value of the $$HTMLHEAD field to be computed partially using the...
Paul R Emery
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/f8a7fc6d5166f899852581cb00678d8a?OpenDocument>Removing a DomaRemoving a Domain from Lotus Notes
We recently went from Lotus to Office 365 for our email but still use Lotus for many databases. When these databases send...
Mansukha In
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/0c3651d3e6368436852581c900390790?OpenDocument>Edit just savedEdit just saved document in Lotusscript agent ( Agent in turns call from view action button )
I am using Notes 7 and I would like to open./edit the just saved document in lotusscript agent, this agent is being...
amar ku das
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/21093abca500d492852581c400195318?OpenDocument>Reverse DECS acReverse DECS activity is possible
Hi all Can any one tell me in DECS reverse activity is possible ? means from extranel data base to lotus notes if yes how...
Louis Kenneth S Dorado
2Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/545e99908fc76707852581b6000e519d?OpenDocument>Combobox choiceCombobox choices depends on another combobox (cascading dropdown)
I have 2 combobox. I want that the choices on my second combobox will depend on what will I choose on the first one. What...
amar ku das
2Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/4125ef3ab02ddc0d852581b500412769?OpenDocument>How to Call URLHow to Call URL in lotus notes not open only call from background
I want to know how to call URL from lotus notes i don't want to open only call...
Felipe Tartarotti
Uninterrupted Replication
Hi. I have a problem with replication. My server replicates another in a continuously way. It sends 138 Kbytes and receives...
Jeremy W Deal
7Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/6c751b7201ba7746852581a200699016?OpenDocument>Need help with Need help with a loop
I have two lists of available appointment slots. For example each appt time has three available slots, ie: 8:30, 8:30,...
Alpha Patel
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/6d3aaea1083a3560852581a2006291d2?OpenDocument>Error 400 usingError 400 using Lotus Script
We are using Lotus Notes Release 9.0.1 on Window 10 platform. Our users facing issue when submitting lotus notes...
Jeremy W Deal
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/ef8d5ddbc23ac6ef852581a2004a817c?OpenDocument>How do I stop aHow do I stop a form save in the WebQuerrySave ?
Is it possible to stop a form from being saved on the web in the "WebQuerrySave" Object/Event if a condition is met? Ive...
Jonathan Cohen
Refresh UIDoc from embedded view - Solution
This is a previous post : SOLUTION: Embedded View and Refresh causes crash by Peter Szoldan on 7.Jun.09. This solutions...
Luss Boever
Application, new copy -> Mastertemplate
Hi all,
we have a development server and a qualification server for our new developments. We use our qualification server...
Sarah Flowers
2Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/c7310cc71197baac8525817e006aa701?OpenDocument>@mailsends in a@mailsends in an @for loop
Hello beautiful people. Have a rookie question that has me banging my head against the wall. Trying to loop a mail send...
Sue Z Sunshine
7Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/65edc5d0ff7bd15a85258177005f8f9b?OpenDocument>File paths (HotFile paths (Hotlinks)
Does anyone know a way to first find all hotlinks that are in documents in a Notes database? And then second once located...
Mansukha In
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/90d900c19c9ade1685258171005677e5?OpenDocument>Shared, privateShared, private on first use
Hello I am trying to put document collection to shared, private on first use folder using below LotusScript code; call...
dette famy
2Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/e863c7902f663b4c85258170004b7be5?OpenDocument>How to print a How to print a PDF File using LotusScript?
1. Pass all the doc.UNID to java to convert all docs to PDF file
2. Then after converting it to a PDF File it will put all...
Revathi p
2Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/c08f9b93bc5576968525816f002f781f?OpenDocument>Need help to diNeed help to display the prompt box using javascript on web
Hi, We need a help to build a functionality on lotus notes application using JavaScript. Below gives the brief description...
Matt Pethig
5Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/b5cd2d8f878c73a18525816500811f9d?OpenDocument>Any old postersAny old posters still on here?
For some reason I decided to check this forum for the first time in a long time and noticed Stan Rogers as one of the...
fatsoua fatsoua
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/d9fd5d31dd8ee676852581590046fb81?OpenDocument>Handling - RemoHandling - Removing/deleting replication conflicts
The db I'm working on has an alert feature in it (i.e. registered users get an email (with the document link) whenever...
David Zwerlin
4Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/33c801e69f6322fc8525814e00594f1f?OpenDocument>Delete or recalDelete or recall spam from all Notes user mailboxes
Is it possible to select a spam message in a user's IBM Notes mailbox which can be deleted or recalled from all user...
Igor L Carneiro
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/c0563278fe9bb2e58525814600714081?OpenDocument>Erro &quot;ErroErro "Erro ao procurar a visão do Notes" in IE9/10/11
Hello, I have an application in XPages with a search system, and as times, when doing my search, it returns me that error...
Mike MikeC
2Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/c6c17329d429e0c08525813700457946?OpenDocument>agent for mail.agent for
Hi there I intend to implement 2 things for my domino server: 1. Implement a whitelist mechanism so that a particular...
G Veerappan
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/da4071d8b0cfa8978525813000288efb?OpenDocument>Is there anywayIs there anyway to restrict Drag drop operation in Notes Application
I need to restrict the users from using drag drop in Notes Application. I am using the continue = False in the...
amar ku das
5Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/d09d4229b5980b928525812f0029b753?OpenDocument>Open View errorOpen View error from one database to another database
Hi I have faced error when i try to open one view from another database and in action button i used computed below but it...
Pranesh Vaidya
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/8e30c15115c3ac988525812300450e9c?OpenDocument>Notes XML ExporNotes XML Exporter
Can we pass Rich text field to convert it to XML in the NotesXMLExporter. In one of the help topics, it says we can pass...
fatsoua fatsoua
2Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/84c77a1336cdc3cc8525811b00469489?OpenDocument>Agent run on scAgent run on schedule vs on event issue/difference
I have an agent written in LotusScript which imports data from a .txt file (which is in the local disc (c:)) to a db. The...
Tim J Morgan-Barrett
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/27b65396f70391e28525811a0056bb94?OpenDocument>change default change default fonts via a button
guys, we need to change the current values in notes.ini to:...
amar ku das
5Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/c817cdea822c83cb852581140042d200?OpenDocument>RichText Filed RichText Filed XML String Problem
Hi I have One Richtext field and in my progrram i have created some XML string and put in Rich text field but when document...
wk leung
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/633ab432436b66c68525810e002d6f52?OpenDocument>text colour frotext colour from external email not showing in lotus note 8.5.3
For some reason when we receive external email it doesn't show any text color formatting. If we send an email internally,...
Tim Holt
7Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/61d3cbb9c83bfafb8525810a0082494f?OpenDocument>Tracking All FiTracking All Field Changes via Lotus Script
Hi, I am using some code that I found on the Forum to track all the Field changes in a document by putting comment in...
Menaka Bhaskaran
How to access .NET dll from Lotus Domino website
Can anyone tell how to access .NET dll from Lotus Domino website. Following method works on Lotus Client
Dim obj As...
Merry Max
Webmail Redirectory
One of my users webmail redirector got problem & instead of opening user mail file it gives error " ...
Merry Max
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/80f6c14c65d1d4f4852580fa00222f7e?OpenDocument>HTTP Server CraHTTP Server Crash
My HTTP Server keep crashing after 10 - 12 hrs . Two Servers in cluster environment. HTTP is working fine on Primary ( Home...
Mansukha In
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/efbe7f2262d38d93852580f9000f7f47?OpenDocument>Anonymous & AgeAnonymous & Agent error - 500
Hi I have developed a online survey that can be taken by anonymous user, they receive the link in their personal email ID....
Mansukha In
Test application timer
Hi I have developed one online test application on Domino, However I now I would like to add timer which would redirect use...
Mansukha In
2Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/dc62acc6d52e7cb7852580ea001eef85?OpenDocument>Domino server cDomino server can ping but can not access via lotus notes
I have been able to ping domino server through Command prompt but not able to connect through lotus notes < Ctrl + O -->...
Jerry Redman
2Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/e573e6dbefe6218c852580e4007fd1fb?OpenDocument>Notes/Domino TaNotes/Domino Taskbar Buttons
First, ignore the platform info for this post. Platform is Win 10, not Vista. Win 10 was not an option. Using Notes/Domino...
Sue Z Sunshine
Agent - Outlook Mail
Our company has migrated to Outlook mail however we are still using the Notes databases. I have an agent for a database...
Mark E Robinson
Exporting multiple lines to Excel
Hi, all. I am able to export the content from any of my views to MS Excel without issue. However, when attempting to export...
LDD Webmaster
SCHEDULED OUTAGE March 3 - 5 2017
Due to planned maintenance, this forum will be unavailable from 3:30 PM Eastern Standard Time on Friday, March 3, 2017 to...
Mansukha In
Online/web test application using Domino [ No Xpages ]
Hello there, I would like to create a lotus notes web application which can have configurable different test which we cans...
Mynor de Paz
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/b1fa58e15be59763852580c0005ca5c2?OpenDocument>How to add passHow to add passthru to subform
Hello: I am trying to add a dojo date picker to an application and in the instructions it asks to put the following code as...
AshwaniKumar Kumar
3Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/1e527cb237bbe4c8852580c0003eb0b7?OpenDocument>What prep needeWhat prep needed for Domino bcoz of Win2k3 upgrade ?
We have Domino 703 running on Windows 2003. We need to upgrade our Windows server to 2008. Can someone tell me what all...
AshwaniKumar Kumar
4Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/333b4ffa1ecf4755852580bb004a0cfa?OpenDocument>Any way to checAny way to check if users are accessing database on a server?
We need to decide if we want to keep one of our domino server and we need a list of access to see if users are still...
AshwaniKumar Kumar
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/484f2ca6aed9d260852580bb00494530?OpenDocument>How do we accesHow do we access Console on 2012 windows server
We have a Domino server that is running on Windows 2012 server. When we log on to the server it does not display any...
Mynor de Paz
how do you set the Href property in a field?
Hello: I am trying to troubleshoot an application that has a date field with a date picker. The call for the date picker is...
Jayanthi Mani
To Avoid multiple notification
AshwaniKumar Kumar
4Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/b0fdda335c6bb00a852580b30036ef57?OpenDocument>Windows IP chanWindows IP change need what changes in Domino ?
We are planning to change IP addresses of our Windows server hence we need to ensure our Domino servers are up to date with...
Edeline Parker
Calendar Start Date Display Different in Customize View
I have created a customized view to capture repeating calendar entry only with formula: SELECT FORM="Appointment" &...
antonius anton
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/5d7ba0b72ee6e4c0852580ab0003efbf?OpenDocument>How create a joHow create a job to generate text file
How create a job to generate text file from a...
Steve Cochrane
Search by date range alternatives to ">=" and "<="
Hello! I haven't posted in a while, and I did try to look for this in many places, but can't seem to find a proper...
Jamie D
How far back can I view activity logs?
Hey Guys, Utilising lotus 6.5, was wondering how far back can I view the activity of users? I am guessing I would use the...
Kate kits
How to Import Excel (update and new record)
Hi All, I want to import data by excel but have condition. If found id name ,please kindly update record. In case id name...
amar ku das
Double Booking Appears Only in a view
Hi All, I want to show only more than 1 booking reference no in a view so what i write in aview selction so that it refined...
Zika Raj
2Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/5d873f33763202f285258083005b9f5f?OpenDocument>How to copy datHow to copy data from a field on main to response document
Hi...i need to create agent, that will copy data from a field on a main document to response document. Main document is...
Stephen R Johnson
CSN email conversion
We have a client that has archive data that appears to be in a CSN data format. The client's environment no longer exists...
Andy Herlihy
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/4ceb464bc01082288525807d005bb8ec?OpenDocument>Point to Main CPoint to Main Clustered Replica after Server Crash
Hi, We have apps on SVR1 and clustered on SVR2. SVR2 is on a remote site. When SVR1 goes down, databases fail over to SVR2....
Srinivasarao Bhadragiri
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/6e88f84681f6ca3d8525807d0035db54?OpenDocument>DXL Exporter thDXL Exporter throwing an error
Hi..I am trying to export all the databases design in a directory using DXL Export option. First database is getting...
Patrick Kwinten
8Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/e388d000bbb520078525807c006df4ec?OpenDocument>remove all spacremove all spaces , newlines, tabs from a text field
I have an text entry field where I store an JSON object as string e.g. "name": "Organisation",
"propertyName": "orgName"...
Sue Z Sunshine
3Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/86c666b21808a3a68525807a005abfd4?OpenDocument>Save & Mail / ASave & Mail / Ambiguous lookup issue
I have a form with a "Save & Mail" action with the code below. Users are receiving the "Error 4295 on line 49 in function...
Carlos F Brindisi
4Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/991ae30b4299bdf28525807400548c8b?OpenDocument>Modified date oModified date of documents show future date
We have a database with an agent that every day must remove all the documents in the database and perform a new load. The...
fatsoua fatsoua
@Commands execution order on Web
I have a Web form with some fields on it and an $$Return field. On the submit button I am validating the fields with...
Jheng Liwanag
Are there still people interested in Lotusscript tutorial ebooks?
I am planning to create an ebook with this outline and I need your comments please. The goal is to help others understand...
Baba Tony
Field Label with alias in multilanguge application
Dear All, Can we use alias name for field labels in multilanguage database. I have one database which is in English and...
Seema Kumar
copytodatabase in lotusscript
Hi All, When copytodatabase is used to copy documents from one Lotus database DB1 to another database DB2 , how can we...
Seema Kumar
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/4f939cb688c87c738525806600488632?OpenDocument>copytodatabase copytodatabase in lotusscript
Hi All, When copytodatabase is used to copy documents from one Lotus database DB1 to another database DB2 , how can we...
Hansen He
Firefox and Chrome did not Refresh fields on keyword change
I have a Dialog list on Web, "Refresh fields on keyword change" works fine in IE, however it doesn't refresh in Firefox...
Cannot Locate Field - Notes Error on Macintosh Operating System
Hi Lotus Domino Gurus, We are getting error message "Notes Error - Cannot Locate field" on MAC operating system. There is a...
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/915032e58d120c158525805f00502aa5?OpenDocument>How to recover How to recover a document blocked by : Field is too large (32k)...
I have a lotus notes document in a view that cannot be opened because one or several text fields has been filled too much...
Marcel Muller
3Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/486952345186490a85258057002b81d7?OpenDocument>VBA Macro - howVBA Macro - how to save sent mail in SENT view
Hello, I have issue with my code and that is that mail is not saved in the "sent" view after I send it. I am using...
Marcel Muller
VBA Macro - Mail Held in outgoing mailbox for too long
Hello, I have the following VBA macro to automate sending emails, but the issue I have is that a mail is held in outgoing...
Jayanthi Mani
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/67b9a6a121b39922852580530025d4b9?OpenDocument>View get coumn<View get coumn
what is the use of view.getcolumn in lotusscript? and what it will return when view is...
amar ku das
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/68888ce0c417f5e18525804300294a26?OpenDocument>@GetFiled Not w@GetFiled Not working in web
I have problem that @GetField not show value from field in a web I have computed text and i write below code but nothing...
amar ku das
3Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/bd54ef8b6b4858f9852580420038d25e?OpenDocument>DBLookup not woDBLookup not working in web
Hi All, I want to check DBlookup in web in one field but it is not working in web in client it was worked , so can any one...
Paul Bravo
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/407cf33440f4b8a9852580420029123c?OpenDocument>lotus views</a>lotus views
How to add a "delete" text link in a view, so that when it is clicked, the document will be deleted....
Peter Cong
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/d19874e7b4c9801685258037004c1a33?OpenDocument>How to validateHow to validate a text data user entered is from a column of a view?
Hi, I have a text field in note form, and other lookup view which contains about 100 entries with the first column contains...
Sue Z Sunshine
3Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/229e02cd2579f2e5852580340053fe20?OpenDocument>ACL Question</aACL Question
I created a view for a certain group to access. I only want this group to see this one view and nothing else in the...
amar ku das
4Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/72bd00fa893e6330852580300033dd33?OpenDocument>Need Check EmaiNeed Check Email ID with out special Char
Hi All, I have a code which validate Email id not have special character or ascii charter and it is running fine but it...
Jason R Smith
5Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/be0bf97b975db41e8525802f000f5c04?OpenDocument>Booking MultiplBooking Multiple Resources Under One Reservation (Resource Reservation Database)
Currently as it is, making reservation for different resources for the same schedule requires the user to create individual...
vinod t kumar
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/e2eef8efa911e8d58525802d004161a3?OpenDocument>Create a link tCreate a link to a database using Notes Outline
I am trying to create a link to a database inside an existing database (Left hand side navigator using an outline). The...
dmitriy Andrienko
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/57f32c7fb4e21e1d8525802d00341c9a?OpenDocument>two servers</a>two servers
I have one Lotus domino server with domain suffix (for example with some users on it
then i have also users...

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