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Configuration document cannot be opened. Instead ?OpenForm comes up with a new document.
Abhishek SenGupta 06/05/2013 03:10 AM
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We have a strange problem in one of our Lotus Notes 5 applications in browser.

This application has a configuration document storing application related data and can be accessed from config view. This config document can be opened from a link within application menu in browser. Code to open the link is here below...

function AbrirAdmin(){

While JSAdmin, JSIDAdmin and JSPath values are here below declared on the form with computed texts...

x:=@DbLookup("":"NoCache" ;"";"vconfig";"CONFIG";"cnf_clave");
@If(@IsError(x) | x="";"N";"S")

x:=@DbColumn("":"NoCache" ;"";"(Configuracion)";"");
@If(@IsError(x) | x="";"";x)

@ReplaceSubstring(@Subset(@DbName; -1); "\\"; "/")

We have Config document stored in application, and all fields referred here have proper values within the document.

But problem is while an user clicks on the link to open configuration document, it opens a new document with fconfig form. So by code it can be said that JSAdmin value gets calculated as 'N'.

To bypass that we have removed conditional opening of document and directly put this code below...


But this opens a page with page cannot be displayed message. Further we have deleted this config document from our test server, copied and pasted one from dev server, changed values accordingly and that has been failed too.

This same code runs well in our dev and prod environment, while fails in test.

Please help us to resolve this issue.

Thanks in anticipation.


Abhishek SenGupta.

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