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Policies update not working
Klaus Buskohl 09/02/2009 04:21 AM
Domino Administrator 6.5.5 FP1 Windows 2003

I log the DCC on the Client and get following error message:

[0D5C:0002-0E70] 08.09.2009 16:17:41.36 DynConfig> Error Note item not
found returned from REGAddPolicyInfoToAddrBook

Notes.ini setting for log DCC
DEBUG_OUTFILE=Paht / filename

The Proxies are set in the location document, but prevent changes are not work. The User can change it any time. When the user logged in again the proxies are set again.

Domino Server 8.02
LN Client 6.5.5

... any help would be perfect. I looked at all self-studies for policies but no solution.


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