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Opening a database in formula -> TOO DIFFICULT!
Rob Mason 08/03/2005 07:09 AM
Notes Client 6.5.4 All Platforms


I am trying to have the following happen:

I have an outline that has an entry that opens a database using the following command.

@Command([FileOpenDBRepID]; "80256FF7:010176E3"; "Notes01")

The RepID is correct. The name of the server is correct. When I run it on a client which has the icon of the server replica on the workspace, it opens the server replica. If only the local replica is on the workspace, it is opened instead. I know this is how it is supposed to work but:

Is there a way that I can get it to always try to open the server one first and then fall back to the local one if it can't find the server copy?

I did think about using @Command([FileOpenDatabase]) but would rather use the RepID and not the path as the paths of local replicas are not consistent.

Thanks in advance

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