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Intermittent HTTP Invalid POST Request Exception
Mike Edgewater 05/10/2007 04:41 PM
Domino Server 7.0.2 FP1 Windows 2003

From the log:

HTTP Web Server: Invalid POST Request Exception [/scan/sf-app.nsf/ea6dc26b1bf7ee15852571f0004b3d7b/852570cb0057030a852572cf006f24df?EditDocument&Seq=1]

The problem I am having is that this is an intermittent error. Sometimes a user will get it, sometimes they won't. It has happened to a variety of users from different locations, and there does not seem to be any pattern. The same user can get an error submitting a given document one time, then submit it successfully later, without the document having been modified at all in between attempts.

All of the documents in question have file attachments, though they are pre-existing and are not being attached by the user.

Could this be some sort of timeout issue, such that the failures are related to bandwidth? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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