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Spotty user login problems 'An internal error occurred' - resolved
Doug Finner 11/14/2011 07:43 AM
General 6.5.4 Windows XP

User files (id, desktop, names, etc) are stored on a mapped network drive (we use U:\Notes46).

Users start Notes and are prompted to select an id file (this is atypical).
User selects their valid ID from the U:\Notes46 directory.
Notes pops a dialog 'An internal error has occurred'.

The server is running and some users are connected.
I can switch ids to one located on my U drive or my C drive without any problem.
Searched here and @google - no hits.

Any ideas what could be going on?

I have a call into IT in case this is some kind of network issue.

TIA for any ideas.

Our network uses several file servers to store user files. All users appear to be connected to the same server but the reality is that we use disk extenders to different user files are stored on different physical media.
We've experienced a number of power failures and fluctuations over the last two weeks, have been on and off city power vs. generator, and it now appears that one of the disk extenders has gone off line. Anyone using the downed server is unable to start Notes.

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