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Facebiook adds parameters and generates a HTTP 500 Error
Carlos de Luna Saenz 10/28/2018 03:38 PM
Domino Server All Releases Windows 2003

I wonder if this forum is still in use, but using HTTP Server task on domino 9.0.1 under Windows Server 2003 i got an error 500 when a URL is posted on facebook and then visited in my server (the original post does not includes the ?OpenDocument but just the UID of the doc, example: ) when i post it on FB it will add ?fbclid=IwAR1oNOCl4E9hgOyei8elLvw9CP8xNDMnGlsHMzVl_HRoq9YLFo4Am9JjTAU cousing a 500 error... what i am supposed to do with this type of parametrs that the server should ignor?
Thanks in advance

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