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Survey: Websphere Anyone?
Jerry Gassie 05/13/2003 11:43 AM
Domino Server 6.0.1 Windows 2000

I'd be interested in knowing how many businesses out there with major Domino implementations are planning to add Websphere into their IT infrastructure (where no pre-existing Websphere existed). For those that are, I would wonder how much IBM's direction for Domino played a part. Why do I ask? Just curious about any trends of the existing Domino communities, and how that may add to the demise and/or metamorphosis of the product.
In my own organization, I know the CIO would just as well be more likely to remove Domino altogether before ever committing to install Websphere to keep Domino on life support internally. Of course, I continue to hope that Domino will never require Websphere to survive in the long run. I'd say most of the former clients I used to do Domino consulting work for are also not planning to implement Websphere.
Any chance this forum design would add a survey option someday?

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