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Server agent can't pass proxy
Adrian Wild 06/16/2006 05:51 AM
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Hi guys.

I'm in the process of testing applications for upgrade to ND6.5.4. We have a collection of java agents that poll websites and retrieve xml.

These agents work fine in R5 when not sitting behind a proxy, but fail in our test environment which is. (Yes... strange to leave production open like that and to guard the test env)

I have entered proxy details in the server doc in the form <proxyname>:8080 and also tried <proxyIP>:8080. I have tried with and without an Internotes server defined in the server location document.

On the OS side, we created a service account at the domain level (AD) to run Domino under in the hope that Doimino would take this account's credentials and supply them to the proxy. This doesnt appear to be happening as the WEB task tells us (only once) that the Internotes server must authenticate with the proxy.

The service account is able to pass the proxy. I can fire up an IE session and connect to the web with no extra authentication (beyond logging on to the machine in the first place)

What am I missing here? I would have though that without a server doc field allowing us to specify a username and password, Domoino would use the details of whatever account it had logged in as.

Do we have to rewrite our agents to supply username and password?

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