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Approval Cycle (approve4.ntf) template
Anita Myers 01/26/2015 11:17 AM
Domino Administrator All Releases Linux - SuSE

I need to make a modification to a database that was created in 2000 based on the approve4.ntf template.

The template was used to create an approval for appropriations. Once a document is approved by all management or denied by one approver, an e-mail is sent to the document's creator informing them of the approved or denied status of their request. Our CFO has asked to be included in this notification e-mail but I have no idea where the notification e-mail information is stored to add the CEO's address.

** Additional information. The following is the code from the database. I am unsure how to add the Lotusscript to include the additional name.

Sub SendNotification
Print "SendingNotification"

'Instantiate the object variables for the maildoc note that we will create and its Body field
Set maildoc = New NotesDocument(db)
Set rtitem = New NotesRichTextItem(maildoc, "Body")
DueDate = note.DueDate

'If this is the last approver then mail is sent to the requester
'The Recipient variable is used in the Messagebox at the end of this sub, to tell the user who mail was sent to
If LastApprover Then
RequesterName = note.RequesterName
SendTo = RequesterName(0)
Recipient = RequesterName(0)
Select Case Action(0)
Case "Approve"
StatusString = "approved"
tmpFlowStatus = "Approval of your " & WorkflowObject(0) & " is complete. "
Case "Deny"
StatusString = "denied"
tmpFlowStatus = WorkflowObject(0) & " has been denied by " & CurrentUser
Case "Withdraw"
StatusString = "withdrawn"
tmpFlowStatus = "Your " & WorkflowObject(0) &_
" has been withdrawn. You may be able to resubmit it at another time. "
End Select
Subject = "Your " & WorkflowObject(0) & " has been " & StatusString
maildoc.FlowStatus = tmpFlowStatus
'If there are more approvers we need the appropriate expire date because we put in on the message
Select Case RoutingMethod(0)
'If it is Serial - mail gets sent to the NextApprover
Case "Serial"
SendTo = NextApprover
Recipient = NextApprover
'If it is Parallel - mail gets sent to all approvers
Case "Parallel"
SendTo = ApproverList
Recipient = "all Approvers"
End Select
Subject = WorkflowObject(0) & " requires your approval by " & Format(DueDate(NextAppr), "Long Date")
maildoc.DueDate = Format(DueDate(NextAppr), "Long Date")
maildoc.FlowStatus = "Please follow this doclink to the " & WorkflowObject(0) & " and either approve or deny it."
End If

Does anyone have a clue where I may look? Any input is much appreciated. Thank you.


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