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Question on unread marks.
Stephen Tzintzis 03/16/2006 03:37 PM
Domino Designer 6.0.2 CF2 Windows 2000

Hi, I'm modifying the reply, fwd buttons on the mail6ex.ntf file.

What I'd like is to update the 'status' of the e-mail to display an icon that the msg has been repliedto, fwd'd or both.

Using formula I updated a field using the code below:
FIELD IsReplied:="1"

It works, however, the document is marked unread, so i tried.

FIELD IsReplied := "1";

It works but ONLY after the second time its run (weird).

Anybody know of a work around without having to modify the database properties?

Shoudl I just write the code in LS?



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