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Large HTML not rendering on web
Steven Robert 08/15/2011 07:48 PM
General All Releases Windows XP

hi everyone,

Here's what I am doing. I have a lotusscript agent (called in webqueryopen) which traverses across multiple database and based on some key gets a set of documents from each database. I then draw a HTML table on a form to show the user.

The form has a richtextfield (HTMLReport) and a computed text (pointing to the richext field). I am setting the whole HTML to the richtext field by the below method.

Call currDoc.ReplaceItemValue("HTMLReport",loHTML) where loHTML has all the HTML

Issue: This works fine if the result set is small but when there are lot of documents, then the table is not drawn properly and it breaks and no error is written on the server log.

Can someone suggest me if there is a better way to do this on web?

Thanks in advance...

- Steve

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