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LEI Virtual activity with Sybase database
Ramkumar Kannuchamy 02/01/2016 02:56 AM
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We have multiple virtual activity enabled in our Lotus notes LEI server.

All the connections are between Lotus notes form and Sybase table.

Note: the LEI connection category is ODBC not sybase connection.

Both are using the same user id and password of the Sybase server.

It is happening in rare situation, not often, but monthly once atleast.

The problem is,
From lotus notes form we have customized error handler. It is throwing Timed out error. Network operation could not be completed. Hope everyone familiar with this error message. I do not see any error log on LEI activity as well as lotus notes server log.

But in the Sybase system's server log, we can see multiple sessions are opened and one of those sessions are in Lock Sleep state.

Whenever this issue comes, we need to restart the sybase server. till it has been restarted we can not access lotus notes database as well.

Please suggest me, how to resolve this issue without restarting the Sybase server. If the connection terminated abnormally from sybase, is their any way to close the LEI activity automatically?

Thanks in advance.,

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