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EasySync Pro 4.2.3 does not sync with client 6.5.4 running
Ricardo A Sanz 10/13/2005 06:15 PM
EasySync Pro 6.5.4 Windows 2000

EasySync Pro cannot sync with the Notes Client Running.

All the time I get errors about the names.nsf file is open and to share it I must be running a domino server.

At first EasySync cannot find my notes.ini, so I had to modify the path to the file in the EasySync setup ussing the "short names" for the directories. Somehow easysync had trouble to check files in folders with accented characters and spaces in it (I'm using an Thinkpad T21 W2K spanish and a palm m500, so the Local Config folder is called "ConfiguraciĆ³n Local".

Also, seems that easysync is trying to reach the files using the file system instead of the notes dll.

Some help will be appreciated.


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