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SQL Data posting issue (Urgent help needed)
Nandarajagopal Kothamasu 05/09/2012 03:38 AM
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Hi There,

I am trying to insert / update rows in SQL table from a lotus notes database using LSX LC scripts.

- Able to connect successfully.
- Able to do select query successfully.
- Fail to Insert / Update rows in SQL table.

Error is: 12336 - Error: This connection has been dropped, Connector 'oledb', Method -Insert-
SQL Server is 10.0.2531
Lotus notes client is 8.5.3 Version .

Using a sql user account I am connecting to SQL database and this user is an owner of the SQL database where trying to insert/update.

src is a connection string, before insert data in a table checked the isconnection property is set as true.

count = src.Insert(FldList,1,1)

Thanks in advance... please help.

Thank you,

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