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All mails unread - Invalid Object in Unread All-User table
Luc Steenhouwer 03/17/2009 06:32 AM
Notes Client 6.5.5 FP2 Windows 2003

A user gets regulary all his mails back to uread in the morning.
In the server's log file, I see following message :
"Invalid Object in Unread All-User table for database D:\Lotus\Domino\Data\mail\usermailfile.nsf. Removing reference for index 0. Entry not found in index".

I already ran a fixup on the database with the "Optimize user unread lists" option, and created a new replica on his local workstation, with unread marks synchronized on All Servers, same problem occured a few days later.

Anybody an idea what may cause this issue and how I could solve this ?

Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks

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