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Mail Required On Server Startup
Sonu Joshi 12/09/2011 07:06 AM
Domino Administrator All Releases All Platforms

Hi ,

I am trying to get a mail when server starts up , i know there is event available in 8.5.. agents , but in 7.04 it is not available .

I tried the following :

I checked with Server program document - with option when server stratup

i put the command line to run the agent :
tell amgr run "TEstfolder/Testing.nsf.nsf" 'agTestingLoad'

It is working on console .

But when i restarted the server the following message found in log.nsf :

12/09/2011 05:34:23 PM Unable to run program Run Agent.EXE: Unable to locate program

As i understood that on server startup Program document activity runs before agmr mgr get started.

So if anybody hv any idea pls let me know.

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