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Suggestion how to read content from a External file
thomas tc colding 11/29/2013 11:53 AM
Applications Development All Releases Windows 2003


I need to read the contents of an html file on the disk
The content shall be used to build at e-mail.

I have tried to retrieve the content via the Class NotesStream and the method 'Open'.

notesStream .Open( pathname$ [ , charset$ ] )

By some reason I do lost some characters when I open with a NotesStream.

Even that I do use correct charset, in my situation it is "ISO-8859-1" for Westeren Europe.

Since I could not get it to work I had made a temporarely work-around.
I use Line Input to read the file and looping through each line of the html file and build a string that I use to the build the email.

Can anybody suggest a better solution or tell why a NotesStream does not return a correct conversion of the file content.

The htm-file was origenlly attached in a RT-field in a another Database.
Thanks in advance

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