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Formula code works as an action but not as an agent
Mark XY Brown 09/17/2008 08:01 AM
Domino Designer 6.0.3 Windows 2000; Windows XP

Hi All

I have a database used to keep track of who has booked the front page of the Intranet. I want to write an agent that will send me a reminder on Friday if the name of whoever has booked it from the following Monday is different to whoever currently has it. I tried the following Formula language:

@If(txtCurr != txtNext;
@MailSend("Mark Brown/CLAY/Dairy Crest";"";"";"Intranet Front Page Change";"";
"Please remember to set the front page of the Intranet for " + txtNext);

When I schedule the agent to run, the log informs me that no documents met the criteria. However, when I paste the code into an action and click the button, I get an E-mail!

*The agent is set to run as me, and I have Manager access to the database.
*The value in the @Adjust function is set to five days because I'm testing it today. If I ever get it to wowrk, I change it to 3.
*"All" is the alias of a hidden view that contains all approved bookings. The first column contains the exploded date range that the booking covers. The second column contains the name of the person placing the booking.

If anyone has any pointers, I'd appreciate them!

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