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Resource for CSS usage in Notes Client?
Robert A Moeller 04/26/2006 04:40 PM
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Can anyone point me to a good resource that shows the compatibility of Cascading Style Sheets for the NotesClient? Something nice and dry like a chart showing "Works in Browser" vs. "Works in NotesClient" would be really great, or an article that digs into these little CSS nuances with some depth. (I've already read through a number of introductory level resources.)

I am trying to use CSS to format documents that will be viewed in both the browser and the Notes Client, but there seems to be quite a bit of variance between how each renders the output. For example, setting properties for horizontal alignment of an Image Resource or inserted Picture doesn't seem to work in Notes R6, though it renders correctly in the browser. And background color for a table, which includes padding, is rendered with a outside edge "gap" in Notes, but looks perfect in a browser.

I'm starting to feel like using pure CSS in the NotesClient may be a futile task, but if anyone has some advice, I'd greatly appreciate it. If I'm nuts, and am simply misunderstanding something here, then please let me know that too! Thanks. :)


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