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Profile document not replicating
Mark XY Brown 07/08/2011 06:01 AM
Domino Designer 6.0.3 Windows XP

Hi All

I'm most of the way through creating a library database to be used by a project team, something I've done many times before. This one has a twist, though. For certain documents, the requestor has stated that only a subset of people should be allowed to see them. This I have achieved with a profile document and Readers fields - the standard form has two Computed Readers fields. The first one (DefaultReaders) computes to the role "[Admin]", the group "Admins" and the canonical ID of the profile that we use for designing and fixing databases. The second one (DocReaders) has the following formula:
@If(DocSection = "Financial" & DocSubsection = "P&L":"Profit & Loss":"Profit and Loss"; @GetProfileField("DbProfile"; "ProfAdmins"); "*"). So far, so good. I have even managed to create a document that I then could not see!

The problem I'm having is that changes that I make in the profile document on one server (we recently rationalised our Domino network down to two clustered servers) are not replicated to the other.

Due to internal politics, my background is only design - I have no experience in the administration of Notes databases, and I am not permitted to use the Admin client. However, I have not changed any of the replication or database settings, and not done anything out of the ordinary. I have not encountered this before - does anyone have any ideas?

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