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How do I replace and design manually?
Greg A Profitt 09/01/2006 10:47 AM
EasySync Pro 7.0 Windows 2003

Hi All,

We are running Domino 7 and both notes 6.5 and 7 clients. I have created a custom template with standard letterhead and a few other changes.

When I run the command
load convert mail\username.nsf * test.ntf it works fine on the 7.0 clients and also the 6.5 clients. The problem is the 6.5 clients don't refresh the design. With the 7.0 clients I can just have them close out of Notes, open it back up and the new letterhead appears. With the 6.5 clients this doesn't happen if they close out and reopen. They have to manually select the new letterhead.. Any suggestions?

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