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Any way to refresh screen while LONG agent is running on client?
Ben R Morris 07/11/2006 12:00 PM
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Here's my issue - I have a local agent that runs on a local database... it acts on about 37000 documents, and takes a few hours to run due to everything that it needs to do to each document.

I wanted status updates, so I have a running counter that counts the number of documents that it has acted on... and after every 50 documents it uses the print statement to say "Completed <x> of <total> documents" in the status bar.

This works fine, as long as I don't touch any other programs on my computer. However, as soon as I start some other program (such as a web browser), and Notes goes to the background, Notes basically hangs for as long as the agent runs, and never updates the screen, so my status bar doesn't get updated.

Any way to fix this, and force the refresh? Or any other/better methods of displaying the status?


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